Best of Social Media: 2 yrs, 40k tweets and growing

Posted on April 30, 2011 by


Over the past 2 years and some 40,000 tweets later, our #SMCHAT twitter community has discussed over 100 topics in the broad category of Social Media. We’ve explored how social media can change the game in diverse aspects of business and social networking. At the core it’s about a new way to communicate. In the process, we’ve also built a strong community of friends and colleagues.

Best of SMCHAT 1st Two Years – a short list of highlights.

Q19 SM Plan by @ajmunn & @clare_munn
Q53 Social ShareHolders by @MandyVavrinak
Q57 Content Curation by @blogbrevity
Q78 Why We Lurk by @heidicohen

Do you have more favorites? Nestle coverage, 12 SM principles, and the original Mind Map series have been mentioned. Let us know, and we’ll try to put up links.

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