Mind Map ReMix: Uses, Mobility & Break-Throughs

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Back by popular demand, we have the honor of hanging out today with Chuck Frey to discuss mind maps.  A lot has changed since Chuck joined us on #smchat over a year ago to introduce mind mapping to many of us.

Can we, as innovative folks, use mind mapping to drive break-throughs and eliminate the waste of good brain power?

In this week’s 60-minute #smchat, let’s dive back into mind maps to uncover how we can experiment with them as collaboration tools.

Questions we’ll tee up today:
  1. What break-throughs are possible when mindmaps are used in a group setting?
  2. How do you gain buy-in for mindmapping as a collaboration or problem-solving tool?
  3. How is technological innovation opening the door to mind mapping? (Examples: tablets, smart phone, mobile apps, social media, cloud computing)
  4. How are you using any of these innovations w/ mind mapping?

About our special guest, Chuck Frey:

Chuck Frey

Chuck Frey

Chuck is the author and publisher of the Mind Mapping Software Blog and InnovationTools.com, the world’s largest and most trusted website on innovation, brainstorming & creativity.  You can follow him at @ChuckFrey.

Week-long chatter on this topic suggests we have a fabulous chat on tap!  We have a lot to cover — plus we want to give Chuck the opportunity to tackle questions that come from the group.


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