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Affiliate Marketers Give Back 2011

Affiliate Marketers Give Back 2011

As a working mother, I am a member of more communities than I can count. Communities based on my family, my employer, my field of interest (Marketing), my educational communities (elementary/middle/high school and/or college), even the  schools that my children attend, and the parents of their friends are communities where I am involved.

Since individuals belong to so many communities, it is often difficult to entice them to become a part of another group. However, when companies or organizations want to build a community, what do they need to know? Community development is the topic of #SMchat for June 15, 2011. Join us at 1P ET as we answer questions like:

  1. What is community development?
  2. How do you get started? Richard Millington has some suggestions in his post, “Starting An Online Community: Get The Concept Right.” Do you agree with his start-up strategy?
  3. Is developing a community the same as brand advocacy? Why or why not?
  4. Janet Aronica wrote about using content curation to start a conversation and build a community in her post, “Community Management Is NOT Digital Cold Calling.” What ways do you recommend to build a community?
  5. Content, Community, and Commerce have been suggested as the 3 C’s of Social Media in Melinda Emerson‘s post on the Hubspot blog. How do you measure the commerce coming from your content and community?
  6. BONUS – Is it easier to build community around charitable/non-profit organizations (like Affiliate Marketers Give Back shown in the photo above) than it is to build a community around a for-profit company?

I’ve added some links to additional community building, community development, and community management articles. Leave a comment below or join #SMchat on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 1P ET to let me know what I missed!

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