Managing a Digital Footprint

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A “digital footprint” is what your presence on the Internet communicates to those who find it. Google is the usual starting point, but more and more people are using monitoring services or going straight to the big social platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, your blog, etc. All of this is becoming a necessity because of one inescapable truth about the Internet Age:

You will be Googled. In fact, you most likely already have been. Family members, co-workers, friends, and employers will all be interested in how you show up on a search engine. And if you are a brand, or have a client who is, then you can add “customers” to that list as well.

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This isn’t a bad thing. Instead of seeing it as “work,” try to think of it as an “opportunity.” It is common for our clients, some of whom are new to social media, to be concerned about “opening themselves up.” They fear negative comments, or being the victim of a smear campaign by their competitors. The truth is, people are already talking online and it’s not possible to curb it. Choosing not to participate hands all the power to the consumers, or competitors. Instead, you want to fan those flames in the right direction.

One of the most valuable and rewarding elements of the work tcg does is provide their clients with real-time, contextual intelligence by monitoring and analyzing their digital footprint before we start our work. We take it a step further than wanting to know what people are saying about you and reputation management; we turn a digital footprint into a valuable asset.

In this week’s #SMchat we want to explore some of the best practices around managing an organization’s digital footprint:

Q1. Why take responsibility for your digital footprint?

Q2. When can a negative response be a good thing?

Q3. What are the best practices for managing your digital footprint?

Q4. Why is it important to monitor your competitors?

Q5. How can a company turn their digital footprint into an asset to improve their practices?

We will be discussing these questions on Wednesday June 29th at 1pm EST. You can sign in via Tweet Chat or just follow the Hashtag, #SMchat.

We hope to see you there!

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