How Does Google+ Stack-up on User Experience (UX)?

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It wasn’t that long ago that we looked at Google Wave to see what might be in store for the next generation of social media. With Google Plus soon out of limited release, it’s tempting to draw comparisons.

To many early adopters, Google Plus (G+) seems to have Facebook most clearly in it’s sights, in spite of Google’s (“this isn’t about Facebook”) comments to the contrary. Correlations to the Facebook experience easy to make. Like Facebook, G+ has a strong social feel. It includes features like “circles” of followers, meetup places called “hangouts”.

In the last 4 weeks, some usability trends have started to emerge. In important ways, it looks like G+ may be in a position to carve out it’s own niche.

Here’s a quick view of User Experience strength by platform. I did the original framing, then tapped some excellent input from @elsua, @kim and @gwoodjcg, well-connected folks on G+ who have spent time in all 5 places. Interestingly, we used G+ to collaborate on framing evaluation categories.

NOTE: This v1.2 artifact is the crowdsourced version.
You can download the PDF here.

Crowdsourced SM UX Survey v1.2

NOTE: This v1.1 artifact predates the open crowdsourced survey, but note the many scoring similarities.

Early Returns on G+ UX vs. Social Media Pack

On WEDS 8/3 1pET, here are the questions we took on:

Q1. Can Twitter maintain it’s lead on serendipitous appeal, or will 140C prove too limiting?
Q2. How aggressively will G+ leverage its lead on real estate and future Google integration?
Q3. Will WordPress remain the only credible CMS in the pack, & how does this impact the field?
Q4. Does FB still have a play beyond share?
Q5. Will Linked-In remain a solid niche player, or come out swinging in new areas?

The chat was fast and furious. We hope you’ll join in the ongoing conversation, as we continue to explore what’s possible with social media.

See you online.

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