The Evolution of Customer Service and Social Media

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Social Media and Customer Service continue to become more and more intertwined.  It is critical for companies to take note of this evolution, especially if they want to survive.

I recently read an excerpt from Marsha Collier‘s book, “The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide.”  She said, “Never lose sight of your customer culture and the value of the relationships the Internet offers your company. And because online customer service has its roots in the real world, consider real-world examples of customer service. Then we can translate what we do face to face into the magic we perform online.”  That really resonated with me because of it’s truth and simplicity.

As we continue to search for ways to “get it right,” Marsha points out that there is a translation involved.  The idea of this translation from offline to online, offers a unique point of view to developing online.  Translation seems more simplistic than starting from scratch, which can be a bit overwhelming.

Today’s SMChat (August 10th at 1:00pm ET) will feature Marsha Collier as our special guest.  We will be discussing how to translate your traditional Customer Service and Social Media plans to an evolutionary version.

Q1.  What are the best practices for companies just beginning to take their customer service online?

Q2.  What is the best way to decide what platforms to use?

Q3.  How can you translate your face to face interactions into an online experience that will engage your customer?

Q4.  What is the best way to reach out to customers online? And, what is the best way to let them know how to reach you?

As someone who initially connected with Marsha Collier on the #custserv chat, I can attest to her customer service insights and her passion for this topic.  Today’s chat will certainly offer an opportunity to exchange some ideas about customer service and social media.  We hope that you can join us for the chat at 1pm, Wednesday August 10th.

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