Non-Profits in the Business World

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Non-Profits and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) do amazing work. Nobody’s arguing that. They attempt to alleviate the world’s problems around disease, hunger, war, disaster relief, homelessness…and the list goes on. There is an unmistakeable merit to these kinds of contributions that becomes almost magnetic. Recently, I’ve been meeting recent college grads, and well established PR guys, whose goal it is to work with these kinds of groups. Really, it makes the most sense.

Who wouldn’t want to spend the bulk of their time helping alleviate some of the pain or suffering around the globe?

And sob-seekers aren’t the only one attracted to Non-Profits. Businesses also have their eye out to make these kind of partnerships. Cause marketing can be an authentic way to create a meaningful bridge between company and charity. To quote our CEO, Clare Munn, “Have fun. Be proud. You are both helping each other: with the cause and the brand. And, hopefully, pleasing customers because of the connection and sincere conversation.”

In an increasingly digital age, that “sincere conversation” can give new legs to a brand or paint them in a favorable light (and as long as their collaboration IS authentic, why shouldn’t it?)

Attaching a celebrity to a brand will color it with their personality and can transform a sneaker into a statement. Additionally, many of them have their own non-profit or are looking to use their fame to give back ( Aristotle called this magnanimity). No good fortune exists in a vacuum and connecting business with charity is a way all success can become meaningful to our lives, and the world at large.

So, for this week’s #SMchat, we’ll be exploring the way that Non-Profits and NGOs fit into the business world. Here are the questions we’ll be asking:

Q1: How are the goals of Non-Profits and businesses similar?

Q2: How are the goals of Non-Profits and businesses different? Do they conflict?

Q3: Does connecting Non-Profits with businesses contribute to the goals of both?

Q4: What examples of Cause Marketing have you seen recently? Are they good or bad?

Q5: How do celebrities and branding help Non-Profits grow and expand?

We will be discussing these questions on Wednesday August 24th at 1pm EST. You can sign in via Tweet Chat or just follow the Hashtag, #SMchat.

Join us.

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