Customer Service, Social Media and Disaster

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Once a month on SMChat, we talk about the mix of Social Media and Customer Service.  We hope you can join us at 1pm ET, September 14th as we explore how you continue to provide customer service during a natural disaster.

Watching Hurricane Irene approach the US, caused me think about providing Customer Service, whether via Social Media or traditional outlets, during tragedies and natural disasters.  Although most people are understanding when this happens, as they should be, it is important for businesses to have a plan on how to operate or communicate that they are not operating…in the face of adversity.  What if you are a service provider in an area impacted?  Your business might be impacted along with your customers?  What do you do?

The following questions will be discussed during our chat and hopefully together we will be able to derive best practices to prepare for these situations.

Q1.  Does your organization have a customer communication plan in the event of a natural disaster?

Q2. Who is responsible for communicating to customers and what channels are used?

Q3.  If you have faced a natural disaster that impacted your customers, were you able to continue to provide service?

Q4.  As a customer, what are your expectations of your service providers?

Q5. How does using social media impact your level of customer service during a natural disaster?

Bonus Question – During Hurricane Irene, were there any outstanding customer service examples from companies impacted by the hurricane?

We hope that you will be able to join us for the chat.  Just a couple of chat etiquette reminders…

  • use the hashtag #SMChat (if you use, it is automatically added for you)
  • indicate A1, A2, A3…when answering a question
  • stay on topic
  • people disagree sometimes, that’s ok, just be respectful
We have a great group of people weighing in every week.  We look forward to reading your opinions here or seeing them on the chat.
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