Marketing and Social Media in the Book Publishing World

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I met Jim Kukral at his Affiliate Summit East 2010 book signing

I’m not an author (yet?), nor do I play one on TV, but when frequent #SMchat contributor TCG Agency suggested publishing and book marketing as a topic for this week’s Twitter chat, I knew several authors to contact. I met Jim Kukral at Affiliate Summit East 2010 (see picture, left). Jim was the emcee and had a book signing during the event, and just a few weeks ago I read a blog post about how he followed up his “traditional” book publishing experience with “crowd funding” a new book series. I also contacted Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and co-author of Content Rules with C. C. Chapman. Since I’m officially “a friend of Ann” (photo proof on my content marketing strategy blog post), I know she would have a lot to contribute, but unfortunately for #SMchat participants she’ll be on a webcast for the AMA at the same time. I’m hoping that other authors and publishers (for both non-fiction and fiction books) will be there to ask and answer questions on publishing and book marketing.

Here are my questions about publishing and marketing a book:

Q1 What is the difference between “traditional” and “crowd-funded” book publishing? Advantages to each?

Q2 Everyone’s an author these days, is it getting easier to get a book deal or is self-published the way to go?

Q3 Do formats matter? Is it better (or more-effective) to publish an e-book before you try a printed version?

Q4 You’ve written a book-now what? Do you need special book marketing skills? What role does social media play?

Q5 Videos, TV spots, print and online display ads – what’s the most inventive way you’ve seen a book marketed?

What questions do you have about book marketing and publishing? Please leave them in the comments below and/or join us on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 1PM ET for the #SMchat Twitter chat – hope to see you there!

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