Social Media Isn’t Just for Broadcasting – Be Ready to Serve

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I’ve seen numerous posts lately about Customer Service and how people are missing the boat when using social media to meet customers’ needs or even just make a connection.  Three that instantly come to mind are:

  • Chris Brogan’s post “Community Only Means Something If You’re Keeping It Warm” – even though his post is about your community, it resonates on the customer service level…don’t forget about your customers. EVER. Don’t just talk to the ones that are have an issue.  Keep your advocates happy and engaged.
  • Jay Baer’s post “70% of Companies Ignore Customer Complaints on Twitter” – not a typo…70%…IGNORE.  How is this even an option for companies in this economy.
  • Frank Eliason’s post “Social Media Customer Service is a Failure”  – I’ve had many interactions with Frank and know how passionate he is about Social Media and Customer Service…I was shocked to see that title associated with his name, but when I read the post, I agree with him 100%.  In summary, it’s about focusing on the “likes” and the number of “followers” rather than focusing on what will serve you best…your customers.
For some, the sole focus of social media platforms has become a numbers game…how many “likes”, how many “followers”, how many retweets…etc.  Companies using social media as a broadcasting mechanism are generally disappointed in the results or lack thereof from their efforts.  Today’s #SMChat will focus on our monthly feature of Customer Service and Social Media, how the two can go hand in hand to achieve better results for your customers and ultimately your business.
Q1.  How do you prepare your employees to respond to customer issues via social media?
Q2. What tools do you use to monitor your social media channels?
Q3.  How do you “keep your community warm”?  (How do you engage?)
Q4.  What metrics are most indicative that you achieving the goal of serving the customer?
We hope you will join us to discuss Customer Service and Social Media at 1pm ET, Wednesday, October 12th.  The hashtag for the chat is #SMChat  – Our discussions are always lively, informative and respectful…the pace can get a little hectic, but it’s only because people are exchanging so much great information.
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