Charity Makeover

Posted on October 26, 2011 by


Back by popular demand, it’s Charity Makeover time. This week, we’re going to pool together our collective genius and put all the wonderful tips, advice, best practices, and lessons learned into action and give one lucky nonprofit a social media facelift.

Since 140c doesn’t allow for a lot of background, here’s a quick Q&A with Becky Rocker (@rrocker), Marketing/Public Relations Associate for the Jewish Family Service Association (@@JFSACleveland) on her goals and how we as a community can help.

1. Briefly describe your organization.

Jewish Family Service Association is a non-profit organization in the greater Cleveland area. We help individuals with mental health and developmental disabilities, aging adults who want to remain independent in their home (our home health care division is JFSA Care at Home) and victims of domestic violence and the homeless. We have a shelter for battered/homeless women and a teen dating violence prevention program.

2. What social media activities are you as an organization presently doing? And which platform(s) are you on?

I manage two Facebook pages: one for the overall agency  and one for our teen dating violence prevention program, Know Abuse and  have a Twitter account (@JFSACleveland) for the overall agency as well. We also have a YouTube Channel- JFSACleveland.

I also blog on a local website, but I have only posted 1 item, so I don’t really want to focus on blogs, but would appreciate advice about really getting started.

3. Why did you select those activities/platforms?

I selected these platforms because I felt it was the best way to inform our supporters of our cause, raise awareness of our programs and services and partner with other industry experts (via Twitter) on issues such as mental health, home health care and domestic violence. The Know Abuse Facebook page was a particularly good fit because the group involves high school students who are on Facebook all the time.

4. What do you hope to gain via your social media networks? (i.e. How, if at all, does social media work into your overall strategy?)

Ideally, I would like to cultivate relationships with donors via social media, particularly Facebook but also like to help get our brand/message out in the community more. I also want to connect with our clients and families. Down the road, I would like to create a separate Facebook page and Twitter account for JFSA Care at Home. We are really trying to grow the business; it is a competitive market and a major revenue stream for the agency. I think leveraging social media could help boost business.

5. What’s your greatest social media challenge? What would you like the group to help you with/muddle through?

Biggest challenge is time. I am the only person doing social media for the agency. What I need help work through is how to grow our Twitter accounts (I do believe quality over quantity is key here). I would like to be more interactive with like-minded organizations on Twitter. I also want to grow our Facebook pages communities. Our Know Abuse page has less than 100 likes. That’s because the program used to be called Expect Respect and we recently changed our Facebook page and lost some people in the process.

I would also love some advice on blogging to help think through who could be a blogger for the agency and what outlets could I use to get our message out.

So now that you’ve got the background, please join in and offer your sage advice!