Google Plus for Nonprofits

Posted on November 30, 2011 by


Last week, I was asked by four different people working in the nonprofit space if it made sense to fold Google Plus Pages into their marketing mix.  Of course, one of these people should (if he doesn’t already) have a G+ tattoo; another signed on months ago, then promptly forgot about it; the third is a fairly regular user still trying to navigate hangouts; and number four hasn’t joined. And like all things strategic, there’s no one answer other than, would it help you reach your mission.

So, today, dear changemakers, we’re going to focus our discussion around what role Google Plus Pages can play in the nonprofit world.

For those of you who have a page, what do you use it for, primarily? Fundraising tool? Brand share? Mouthpiece? And, what do you like and not like about it? Is it a good addition to your marketing toolbox?

For those of you who haven’t jumped on board, why? Is it a matter of resources? Or is your audience simply not there … yet?

As always, bring your questions, best practices, and samples to share. This promises to be a lively, relevant exchange for folks working in the non-profit space as well as anyone who’s part of the greater social change community and looking to share ideas. Please join in!