Tis’ the Season for Customer Service Superstars to Shine

Posted on December 14, 2011 by


Tis’ the season for Customer Service Superstars to Shine…they have the most opportunity right now to dazzle and impress.  It seems that in many places they are doing that…especially when it involves Social Media sites and online reputations.  What about the people you are dealing with in a store?  It seems that online customer service expertise is not translating to in-person transactions….and I know I’m not the only person who feels this way.  If I reach out via Social Media channels, I usually get a pleasant and quick response (generally speaking).  However, I’ve received pretty dismal in-store customer service this holiday season.  I either have no help at all or I get someone who pesters me.

Today’s #SMChat will focus on our monthly feature of Customer Service and Social Media – how should businesses combine their online and offline efforts in order to provide better service for all of their customers.

Q1.  How do insure that you have equal customer service efforts on and offline?
Q2.  What steps do you take to increase customer satisfaction (on and offline)?
Q3.  What metrics do you use to monitor offline customer satisfaction?
Q4.  What metrics are most indicative that you achieving the goal of serving the customer?
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