2012 Marketing Predictions

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2012 Marketing Predictions

Search for “2012 Marketing Predictions” and you’ll nearly 1,000 results from this month alone! Here are some great prognostications (I always wanted to use that word in a post!) for the new year:

Market Motive gathered insights on Online Marketing Trends for 2012 from some of their faculty including my personal favorites Conversion Faculty Chair Bryan Eisenberg and Web Analytics Faculty Chair (and co-founder) Avinash Kaushik.

Q1: Bryan Eisenberg predicts a focus on Return on Time Spent – how will your time be spent more effectively in 2012?

Q2: Avinash Kaushik talks about SoMoLo (Social. Mobile. Local.) and how it will “drive a ton of disruption when it comes to finding the most relevant customers and offering them something of value.” Is #SoMoLo a part of your 2012 Marketing Strategy?

Q3: Michael Brenner posted his 2012 B2B Marketing Predictions on B2B Marketing Insider including better sales alignment and audience-first marketing http://bit.ly/uSSfAC – do you agree?

Q4: Mike Lewis posted an e-book on Social Media Today with 140 Predictions About Social Marketing from 34 Experts including a section on the role of “big data” in (social) marketing next year. Will “big data” be on your to-do list for 2012?

Q5: What marketing topics will be the biggest opportunities for marketers in 2012? The biggest challenges?

So, what do YOU think 2012 will bring for marketers? Feel free to link your 2012 marketing predictions blog posts in the comments section below or join us “live” on Twitter’s #smchat hashtag at 1PM ET on Wednesday, 12/21/11! We’ve got some great minds who join the #smchat Twitter chat each Wednesday and I can’t wait to hear what they will predict as well.

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