Unpacking “Story” in Social Media

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Have you shared your most important stories?  Do you even know what they are?

Think about it.  I bet the answer is “no.”

Both our life and our work can be chaotic, defying a clear sense of direction.  Our days and weeks churn in perpetual motion, if not in circles.  Is there a story in there someplace? A method to the madness?  Can we step out of the fray, reflect on what’s happening, and share it with others?

For months I’ve heard that story is a powerful means to connect with your audience using social media. Perhaps the idea was inspired by Dan Pink, who teed up Story as one of his six “right-brain directed” competencies for the future, in “A Whole New Mind” (2006).  Another great book is “Story” by Robert McKee (1997), an excellent deep dive on both the mechanics and the art.

Story is ancient. It’s been around as long as their were tribes, as long as their were mothers seeking to bring their children into the world.  It’s deeply embedded in our culture, and our way of thinking.  In many ways, it’s how we learn.

So let’s unpack “Story” in social on WEDS Jan 4, inspired by Pink, McKee & your memories of childhood.

Q1. Approach. What kinds of stories are we talking about here?  Are we telling about ourselves? A customer’s experience? Our brands?

Q2. Structure & Framing. How do we communicate via the framing, plot and structure of a story? Case studies? Or something more?

Q3. Characters = social stakeholders: customers, partners, followers. Can we view or tell the story from their pov? How can we connect with them?

Q4. Events/Changes. Story is powerful because it resonates on an emotional level. What are examples of changes/discoveries we hope to achieve?

Q5. Delivery Platforms. What social platforms can we use to tell our stories? Are we limited to blogs? How can we be creative with other formats?

Q6. Sources. Story ideas can come from memory, imagination, current events, news. Do these sources apply in our case? Where do we turn for inspiration?

Q7 Creative Barriers.  What ‘rocks in the path’ can we use to force creative thinking?

Lot’s to think about, even more to talk about.  Would love your thoughts, here on the blog, and, of course, during our WEDS 1/4 chat.  See you guys online.

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