What’s In A Signature? The Power of Petitions

Posted on January 25, 2012 by


With Featured Guest: Care2’s Sue Anne Reed

Greetings, changemakers! The social change #smchat series is back in full swing this week and we’re making up for lost time by tackling a doozy: the power of petitions.

No doubt a quick show of hands will reveal that nearly every one of us has opened our inboxes or hopped on Facebook and found an organization or friend asking us to sign a petition. If we liked the cause, chances are we’ve clicked through. But for every one of us who does, there are more who don’t. So, in this time of heightened citizen action, let’s explore the power of petitions.

The Washington Post recently hailed Change.org “one of the most influential channels for activism in the country,” noting its role in hosting online petitions, like those credited with getting Bank of America and Verizon to abandon unpopular fees.  (HT John Anthony for sharing this story).

The other major player is Care2, whose petitions’ impact range from having sped up the FDA’s approval process for a technology known as the Artificial Pancreas to benefit kidswith juvenile diabetes to banning fur in West Hollywood.

We’re thrilled to have Sue Anne Reed (@Sue_Anne) as our featured guest with us today to answer your burning questions about how to make the most of your online petition. Sue Anne has been the communications manager of Care2 since July 2010 and involved in online marketing for 15+ years. Sue Anne has a passion for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs and helping making campaigns succeed; follow her at @Sue_Anne or @Care2.

So tune in to learn how to successfully use petitions to drive action. As always, bring your questions, best practices, and challenges to share. This promises to be a lively, relevant exchange for folks working in the non-profit space as well as anyone who’s part of the greater social change community and looking to share ideas. Please join in!

For those of you I haven’t yet met, I’m Rabia Shirazi (@realize_ink), #smchat’s resident non-profiteer and social change gal. I also run a strategic communications shop exclusively for the changemaking community and am always eager to engage in good conversations with smart people like yourselves. I’m very excited to host this #smchat series and welcome your feedback and additional questions to consider.