Chemistry or Alchemy: What Makes a #Chat Community Thrive?

Posted on January 31, 2012 by


Science or Magic: What's the secret sauce?

We’ve been doing a weekly #SMCHAT for almost three years now.  We can look back at some interesting, intriguing and even downright fascinating exchanges.

We’ve had lots of laughs.

But let’s face facts.  Most of us have never met.  We’re friends via avatar in 140c sound bites.

How can this be?

Is it good old-fashioned chemistry, with bunsen burners and test tubes, 2 parts content, 3 parts participation?  Or something more akin to the magic and mystery of alchemy?  Whatever the operative concoction, there’s something in play that’s strong enough to bind together a bunch of very busy people, week to week, year over year, often against the odds.

What’s it all about?  Let’s find out.

Q1. Most #chat communities (unlike #SMCHAT) are “birds of a feather”; how much common ground is needed?

Q2. What are the sources of value that make #chats worth coming back to?

Q3. Can people connect virtually in 140c & truly become friends?

Q4. Would u ever consider IRL #chat meetups a priority, ie., something worth traveling (spending $) for?

Q5. What do u suggest to take #SMCHAT (or any #chat) to the ‘next level’ of value exchange?

It’s February already, but I’m still in the glow of New Year’s and its many Resolutions.  It never hurts to stop and reflect a little more deeply than usual.  Where have we come from?  Where are we going?

Thanks as always for your energy and ideas.  See you online, WEDS 1pET, for #smchat (click here).

And a Happy New February to you :)