What do you love about #SoMoLo?

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Valentine Flowers for #SMchat

Valentine Flowers for #SMchat

It’s Valentine’s Day, time for flowers and hearts and love. What do you love about Social Media? Mobile Marketing? Local Marketing?  This week on #SMchat we’ll be talking about SoMoLo (SOcial media, MObile, LOcal) and how they can all work together for optimal response.

Joseph Ruiz, also known as @SMSJoe on Twitter, asked the first question for the chat:

  1. Q1 What is #SoMoLo (or is it #SoLoMo)?

Here’s the basic answer as discussed in the December 2011 #SMchat Marketing framing post: The SoMoLo (Social. Mobile. Local.) combination will “drive a ton of disruption when it comes to finding the most relevant customers and offering them something of value.” The convergence of social, mobile and local in consumers’ mindset is expected to produce more targeted marketing.

Frederic Gonzalo, @gonzogonzo on Twitter, posted an article earlier in the month that SoMoLo will be the biggest trend in travel marketing for 2012.

Q2 What industry do you think will be most impacted by #SoMoLo and why?

Natalie Petouhoff, better known by her Twitter handle @drnatalie, posted an article last year on using geo-location based mobile apps to “make a city your own” and I’m sure there are apps that take that mobile and local combination and add the social element.

Q3 What is the most important part of #SoMoLo – social, mobile, local or the combination of all 3?

Christina Kerley, who uses the Twitter handle @cksays, talks about using mobile to optimize content by creating unique experiences for unique environments.

Q4 How difficult is it to optimize for social, mobile and local?

Ann Handley, known on Twitter by the @MarketingProfs handle, takes #SoMoLo one step further to #SoMoLoSto by adding “stories” to the combination of social, mobile and local. Her post on the MarketingProfs blog explains why she feels Instagram will be a key component to #SoMoLoSto marketing.

Q5 Do you have examples of industries or companies using #SoMoLo or #SoMoLoSto? Please share!

Please leave additional questions or comments below and join us for #SMchat on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 to discuss in more details. We look forward to seeing you there!


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