The Shift to Social Change

Posted on February 22, 2012 by


Social Change at #SMCHAT.

For a good while now, this series has focused on how non-profits can best use social media to realize their missions. And while we’ve had a great run and good fun doing charity makeovers and exploring how .org’s can take advantage of the latest tools, we wanted to change things up a bit and broaden the topic just slightly. Because sure, just a few years ago we may have placed the majority of the “do something” responsibility onto the shoulders of a select few – a charity, a school, a relief organization – but today, we’re seeing new, innovative ways to spark change like social enterprises and other creative solutions that don’t necessarily fit the non-profit mold. It really only takes one person with a great idea and a lot of drive to do some good.

In celebration of this shift, we wanted our community to reflect that too, and so we’re creating and even stronger, better chat that encompasses all aspects of social change.

But, of course, this is YOUR chat, not mine. So before putting forth a new agenda, I wanted to spend this week hearing from you and learning what you’d like to see discussed and where you’d like to see this social change series go.

Are you most interested in the latest tools/channels? Want to spend more time chatting with social entrepreneurs? We’ve got a quick poll below, but don’t stop there – please tune in and pipe up!