Social Mobility (the series frame): What are the possibilities?

Posted on March 7, 2012 by


Lots of buzz and interest on mobility these days, and discussion around how it could impact the further adoption and use of social media.

Like so many other technologies, the benefits can sneak up on you.

So today, #SMCHAT is officially launching a new series on Mobility.  Once each month we’ll cover the latest trends, case studies, and insights as they relate to the expanded use of mobile technologies and applications.  On WEDS 3/7, we’d like to start framing the series.  So here are some questions to get everyone thinking:

Q1 How would you frame Social Mobility (the Series)? What are the key elements?

While that’s coming together, let’s touch on and sample a few of the deeper discussion areas, where we’ve already had some good discussion:

Q2 TECH. iOS (iPhone, iPad) or DROID? Who’s got the edge?

Q3 APPS. Which SM apps benefit most from Mobility? Twitter? What about 4SQ? GoogleMaps?

Q4 MKTG. So the “Lo” in #SoMoLo means retailers benefit, right? What are they waiting for?

Would love your ongoing input in this important space.  In fact, we’re looking for moderators.  If you’re interested, give me a shout.  And stay tuned for a transcript, which will be posted here.  See in at 1p EST !!