Intersection of Marketing & Mobile: A Speeding Glacier?

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For the 4/4/12 Chat we will be discussing the intersection of Mobile and Marketing.

SmartPhone penetration is significant approaching 50% continuing to grow though arguably at a decreasing rate. Studies show that only 10% of retailers have mobile ready sites. These same studies indicate a gap between the new social shopping consumer and the ability of businesses to address new expectations.

Even with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets this segment is still relatively small given the size of the consumer market.

Technology has affected our behavior in basic ways, for example most of us regularly search for addresses, phone numbers and store hours. In fact, I wince when the newest edition of the phone book is dropped on my doorstep. But the real issue for marketers is this, how do we respond to this growing expectation gap created by an onslaught of technology driven innovations? Let’s discuss this topic today.

Q1) What advice would you give to marketer who isn’t sure how to address mobile consumer?

Q2) If mobile is disrupting marketing as we know it then how does a marketing deal with the fragmentation & constant change?

Q3) What role can service providers e.g AT&T play in the adoption of mobile shopping?

Q4) What factors could conceivably create a mobile shopper’s experience tipping point?

Q5) What are some practical next steps for integrating the mobile experience into the marketing mix?

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