Yippee, We’re Three!

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Happy 3rd Birthday #SMChat!

Happy 3rd Birthday #SMChat!

This weekend, April 22nd to be exact, marks the THIRD anniversary of #SMChat! Can you believe it? Yippee, we’re three! I followed and participated in the chat for about a year and then Chris Jones convinced me to try moderating the Marketing topics once a month. I’m honored to be a part of the #SMChat community and happy to wish #SMChat a happy 3rd birthday! Let’s celebrate by revisiting the very first #SMChat topic from 2009 – Q1 APR-22 “SM Value Proposition” with Chris Jones, aka @sourcepov.

Q1) So what is the value proposition of Social Media today?

Q2) Has Social Media’s value proposition changed from 3 years ago, and if so, how?

Q3) Part of a value proposition is the customer’s belief that they’ll get value-how do you convince them?

Daniel Burstein wrote about using social media to discover why customers buy from you by doing 3 things (notice a 3 theme here?): Listening, Engaging and Responding. That hasn’t changed since the dawn of social media, but…

Q4) Do you think companies are doing more Social Media testing and analysis now?

Paul Cheney listed Social Media as one of 3 profitable traffic sources most marketers are ignoring (yep, another 3…I couldn’t resist).  The other two traffic sources that often aren’t being optimized are Referring Sites and Organic Search. Let’s end the chat with some actionable ideas on optimizing traffic.

Q5) How are you tracking and optimizing your social media traffic?

Please leave your comments below wishing #SMChat a happy birthday and letting us know what you would like to see in the years to come!

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