Customer Service Means Focusing on the Solution

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A Hotel 71 satisfied customer taking a moment to enjoy the view of the river

Many Customer Service initiatives focus on the problems or the complainers instead of the solutions/advocates and it seems that changing that mindset benefits organizations and customers alike.  A few of the advantages include: being prepared to offer a solution more quickly, reduction in customer service resolution times, increased customer satisfaction and employees who feel more empowered to offer solutions.

I recently had a positive customer service experience that could have been very negative.  I was in Chicago for the SOBCon event and after a long day of driving and meetings, had finally arrived at the hotel and checked-in around 11:30pm.  My check-in process was quick and easy, the staff at Hotel 71 was very pleasant and efficient.  I was exhausted and was looking forward to getting some sleep, but when I opened the door to my room, it was dirty.

There have been times when I would have been more than a little annoyed at being checked-in to a dirty room, but that night I just wanted to get into a clean room as quickly as possible.  As I returned to the front desk, I explained the problem and waited for a moment while the clerks selected my next room and gave me the keys.  They upgraded me because of the inconvenience, which was a really nice touch.  What I appreciated the most about this experience…I hadn’t even complained, they just did what they thought was best.  They seemed empowered to make the decision about the upgrade and wanted to make sure I was a satisfied customer.  Not only was I a satisfied customer, but I really like the hotel and would recommend it to others.  After that experience, I now have the impression that if there is an issue, it will be corrected and not because someone complains, but because it is the right thing to do.

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Q1. How do you identify customer issues whether on traditional channels or via social media?

Q2.  Does your organization focus on resolving recurring issues? And how?

Q3. What are the advantages of preemptively solving customer issues?

Q4. Is a solution-focus likely to generate different results than an problem-focused approach?

Q5. Bonus question: How can you encourage your customers to share their positive customer service experiences?


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