6/4/12 Topic: Is Mobile Technology Evolving the world?

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Forbes Article – How Mobile is rapidly evolving the world

The recent Forbes article “How mobile is rapidly evolving the world” is the inspiration for today’s chat topic. I am also grateful to Autom @autom8 for several of the links below. The various articles referenced here are shaping a fascinating story. It’s a story of a technology that is present in 87% of the world, something no other technology can claim.

This technology is shaping the way farmers in India get their goods to market, and there are global implications for e-learning. One of the articles suggests that mobile technology will replace the web as we know it.

One study reports that 66% of US businesses are investing in some kind of mobile technology for their employees. Despite the staggering penetration numbers some feel we are only at the beginning of a mobile evolution. Change is hard. Many organizations are simply trying to adapt mobile technologies to existing business models.

The Forbes author asks some very challenging evolution questions.

Questions like:

Why didn’t Kodak invent Instagram?

Why didn’t Rand McNally invent Waze?

Can businesses adapt?

Let’s talk about mobile evolution.

Here are the questions for our chat:

Q1) Are we only at the beginning of mobile evolution?

Q2)Could mobile reshape the way we do our work, educate?

Q3) Do you think businesses will be able to adapt to evolving mobile technologies ?

Q4)Could mobile replace the web? How?

Q5) What are global mobile tech evolution implications? social, cultural, education,business?

Q6) If you were advising a biz owner or exec regarding mobile what would you recommend they do?

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