Wake-up and Smell the Customer Service Opportunity

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I am so fortunate to share my passion for customer service and social media with amazing people on Social Media Chat.  I have so many interactions with people who care about the customer service and social media combo as much as I do, that sometimes I am surprised when I receive bad customer service.  It seems that when there are so many people who care about it and who contribute ideas to improve it, it shouldn’t continue to be a problem.  With that being said, even I didn’t realize how impressive the statistics are around customer service and social media.  I recently read two studies that provided statistics that I found shocking.  

The first study that I looked at was the StellaService study.  This study found that “more than half of customer service tweets to 25 of the top retailers go unanswered within 24 hours.”  If this study was more than half of all companies on twitter, I would not be surprised…but 25 top retailers…surely they have the resources to manage their social media presence.  

The second, which is also cited in the StellaService Study, is the 2012 American Express® Customer Service Barometer (US Findings).  This survey found, Nearly a third of consumers believe that, in this current economy, businesses ‘pay less attention to providing good customer service.”  As a customer, I agree and am disappointed. Businesses can generate more satisfaction for their current customers, acquire additional customers and increase revenue…if they can wake up and smell the opportunity.

Join us for #SMChat as we discuss the customer service opportunities using social media channels June 13th at 1pm ET.

Q1. How do you identify customer service opportunities using social media?

Q2.  Does your organization monitor customer service requests via social media?  How?

Q3. What metrics are most important when reviewing customer service opportunities on social media channels?

Q4. Has seizing customer service opportunities using social media benefitted your organization?

Q5. Bonus question: Has your organization seen a shift in customer service contacts from traditional channels to social media?

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