Startling Customer Service and Social Media Statistics

Posted on July 11, 2012 by


Earlier this week, I came across a great Social Customer Service infographic. The statistics regarding customer service and social media indicate opportunities for organizations to shift the internal mindset and generate a better experience for their customers.

I am one of the 58% mentioned in the Social Customer Service infographic excerpt above,”58% of those who have tweeted about a bad experience have never received a response from the offending company.” It’s unfortunate because I am also the first to praise when a situation is corrected or to share an excellent customer service experience.  There is an opportunity for those offending companies to make amends and to generate a new experience and they are losing customers and revenue when they ignore this opportunity.

Although, I can relate to the first statistic in the infographic excerpt, I disagree slightly with the thought that companies have until 2014 to catch up to their customers expectations.  Customer service is the easiest way to retain business, gain new business and even lose business.  Organizations can review piles of data about  the customer experience and still not make a single inroad into improving that experience.  How is your organization trying to improve your customers’ experience, specifically as it relates to their experience with social customer service?

Today’s Social Media Chat will feature Social Customer Service and some of the emerging metrics indicated on the Social Customer Service Infographic, which are: Customer Sentiment, Self-Service Usage and Net Promoter Score.

Q1. How does your organization measure customer sentiment?

Q2. How do you translate that measurement into an action plan for a better social customer experience?

Q3. Does your organization encourage customer’s to “self-service”? If so, which channels are available for self-service?

Q4. Does your organization currently track it’s net promoter score (NPS)? How can organizations adjust to maintain a high score or improve a low score?

Please join us for #SMChat July 11th at 1pm ET as we discuss the questions above.