Social Media Networks: The Owned, The Earned and The Paid

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My “top-secret” project:

I didn’t think I was going to be moderating this week. Since November, I have been working on a “top-secret” project that finally launched on Monday. Now that the site is live, here’s my gratuitous self-promo: offers travel insurance plans for vacation, adventure, business, student and group travelers taking domestic and international trips. In anticipation of launch week, I was passing the Marketing topic moderation duties for July to #SMChat founder, Chris Jones. Unexpectedly, Chris found out he had to do some traveling and would be on a plane during our Wednesday 1P ET Twitter chat. (I guess I should have reminded Chris to make sure he had travel insurance for his flight, huh?)

So I’m combining my “day job” with the educational opportunity of learning from the amazing #SMChat crew! I’ve got a brand-new website – how do I promote it? Social media, of course! I’ve got a strategy in place, but thought I’d ask the experts on #SMChat to tell me what they would do in my shoes. If you had a new site that you were launching…

1) You’ve got your “owned media” in the new site, so what is your first promotional move? Earned media? Paid media?

2) Which, if any, social media networks would you consider “owned media” and why?

3) How do you determine which social media network(s) to focus your attention on?

4) Recently, comScore reported that Pinterest grew by 4377% since May 2011. Does Pinterest work for your marketing?

5) Competitions and offers are great ways to engage social media fans, but what are other ways when those aren’t an option (insurance, financial services, or other )?

I can’t wait to moderate the July 18th 1PM ET chat to see what new ideas on promoting a site using social media networks I can learn from the #SMChat crew!

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