9/5/12 Topic: Mobility vs Mobile

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The explosive growth of mobile technology, notably smartphones and tablets, is fueling a lot of discussion about mobile marketing strategies and tactics. There is no question the technology is currently the source of growth and focus.

But there is a bigger picture and that picture is framed by the context of mobility. David Armano in his HBR article suggests the difference between mobility and mobile is like the difference between software and hardware. He goes on to say that mobility means serving up information, convenience, and social all served up on the go, across a variety of screen sizes and devices.

Mobility extends beyond mobile because mobility is about the user experience, it’s about utility and most important; it’s device agnostic. Focusing on mobile puts our attention on the very near future limiting the discussion to smartphone and tablet capabilities. Mobility moves the conversation forward, perhaps in a slightly different way.

Here is a forward looking post suggesting that we should be thinking about ways to tell our story using a trans media approach.

Both articles are placing the emphasis on behaviors. Thinking about behaviors will add value to the conversation now and in the future.

Many thanks to Autom (@autom8) for his help in generating the topic and for his continuing insights. Here are the questions for the chat.

Q1) How do you define mobility? Is it different from mobile?

Q2) How does one keep the different channels connected to ensure consistent customer experience?

Q3) What are the cultural (corporate)  implications?

Q4) Should this affect content strategy? Why?

Q5) What kind of questions should drive a mobility approach?

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