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Fish Where The Fish Are

Fish Where The Fish Are

Join me, Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 1PM ET, as I moderate the #SMChat topic: Social Media and SEO.

I’m having a problem with this week’s questions, not because I can’t come up with a topic (in fact I’ve got too many of them waiting to be typed up!), but rather because I know, #SMChat founder, Chris Jones always comments on how much he likes my pictures and I’m have a tough time deciding what would be a photo representative of Social Media and SEO… Since my answer when people ask “What is the best Social Media platform for my brand?” is often, “Fish where the fish are…” I’m using this picture of the two cutest fish catchers I know!

So, what does “Fish Where The Fish Are” really mean? Essentially, you need to determine where your audience participates in social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) in order for you to interact with them.

1) How do you determine which social media platform your audience is on and how it impacts SEO?

Last Friday, Dana Lookadoo shared a video on SEOmoz on structuring your social sharing to make sure your posts are not only optimized, but trackable in analytics as well – a marketer after my own heart! Don’t miss her Structured Social Sharing Formula, either!

2) How can you optimize for SEO when sharing content via social media? Does it make a difference for SEO?

Even though this Social Media Marketer’s SEO Checklist is nearly two years old, it continues to provide valuable information on getting a page to rank highly by combining SEO and social media.

3) With social media used to influence SERPS, is any network providing better SEO “value” than others?

In this post on the MoreVisibility blog, Bea Halstead discusses tips for optimizing a LinkedIn company page.

4) Does optimizing your social media profile pages help get better SEO rankings or only site-specific search?

The final tip in this MarketingProfs post on Google’s search engine optimization advice to start-ups talks about encouraging employee’s social media interactions.

5) For SEO reasons, what (if any) restrictions would you place on employee social media participation and why?

As always, if you can’t make the chat, or if you have other questions that you would like to have added to the list or just want to tell me how cute the picture on this post is, please feel free to leave your questions and comments below! See you Wednesday, 9/19 at 1P ET!

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