Alchemy of Social Change: What’s in the DNA of a Strong Community?

Posted on September 26, 2012 by


Back inJanuary we introduced the notion of chemistry .. or maybe even alchemy .. to discuss what makes up a great community.  In that conversation we were discussing social communities in general, including #SMCHAT.

But in the world of social change … which spans Non-Profits and NGO’s but  also includes change initiatives in large ecosystems like K12 (eg., #ECOSYS) and Healthcare (eg., #HCSM)  … we have to ask the same  question .. what is it that makes a social change community thrive?

Are there key catalysts?  Special ingredients in a secret sauce? What is in the DNA of a particular social change community that makes it thrive?

Let’s talk it  out, and see what me might learn.

Q1. Most online communities are “birds of a feather”, but #socialchange is often a more diverse cross section; how do we get people connected?

Q2. What’s most important to create a strong center: compelling vision, trust, or common ground?

Q3. For driving viable #socialchange communities, what is the IRL/F2F vs. Virtual dynamic?

Q4. What can we do as social change stakeholders to invest and accelerate social advocacy?

Thanks as always for your energy and ideas.  Please jump in during the chat to share them, or leave comments back here if you have some. See you online, WEDS 1pET, for #smchat (click here).