Why Do We Care?

Posted on October 10, 2012 by


As someone who really appreciates customer service, the “Why do we care?” question drives me crazy and offers me an opportunity to point out what is obvious to me about why.  I’ve heard it so many times in companies large and small, I’ve seen it as a virus permeating the silos of organizations and I’ve witnessed it breaking the spirit of service in many.  It can be a battle to shift people and organizations into the spirit of service…but it doesn’t have to be.  Start early and repeat often about why your organization needs to be service driven.  Look at the culture of your organization and speak to what is internally important – is it revenue, customer retention, customer satisfaction, growth, sustainability, focus…service can drive each of these and answer the question above.

Today’s chat will focus on how do you continuously answer this question internally and make those answers clear externally through customer focused outreach using social media and other channels.

Q1. How do you determine what is a key internal motivator to your organization?

Q2. Does the internal audience focus on these motivators?

Q3. Does your organization monitor customer service metrics? And are those metrics shared internally?

Q4. How can you create customer messaging that resonates internally and stands out externally?

Q5. How can you exhibit your spirit of customer service using social media channels?

Please join us at 1pm ET, October 10th to join the discussion and feel free to share your comments below as well.