Social and Self-Publishing: New ways to get your ideas in circulation

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As the blogosphere continues to mature, more and more thinkers are looking at the “next level” platform for getting their ideas in circulation.

With little room for debate, the preferred choice is increasingly self-publishing.

If you’ve attended #blogchat (SUN 9pET) or #writerschat (SAT 4pET) you’ll know there’s been much discussion about ways writers can establish their voice and develop their ideas on a blog, get feedback and build a reader base there, then expand distribution from that point through self-publishing.  From there, the road forks, offering choices via e-books (including the Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook and Apple formats), or going to paper, using platforms like Amazon CreateSpace.

It’s a path I’ve just navigated, and I’m excited about the possibilities. Let’s talk about the key role social media can play in helping writers and bloggers transition into self-publishing.

As we do, we’ll shift from the writer’s focus to explore the broader social media implications:

  • Q1. Relative to their social networks, how should bloggers plan a move to self-publishing?
  • Q2. What role do social-connected readers play? To what degree can/should a reader base overlap across blog, ebook and softcover readers?
  • Q3. What ways can writers leverage marketing, PR and sales support via social media?
  • Q4. How else does self-publishing differ from the conventional model?
  • Q5. Can insights emerge all the way from tweet to blog to ebook to book?

I’ll share some of my specific experiences today. For still more detail, The DNA of Collaboration story may serve as a useful case study.  I’m happy to continue the Q&A online, via future chats, or via comments posted here.  The book chat is also continuing SAT 11aET under hashtag #cdna.

Note: In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts and prayers out to those recovering in the water logged and storm damaged Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S. .. we’ll miss many folks who can’t join us today .. don’t worry, we’ll create a transcript .. 

See you at SMCHAT WEDS 10/31 at 1pET.

Chris aka @sourcepov

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