How Will Mobile Change Business?

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The inspiration for this topic comes from an Inc magazine article about a study by Appcelerator and the research firm IDC.

“In the near future, developers say car apps will be big and Facebook may be the social network of the past.” Here is an interesting post about Facebook’s challenge to monetize the platform.

According to the study responses 66% of mobile developers believe start ups have a fighting chance against Facebook. While the survey is certainly subject to bias given the audience (app developers) there is plenty of fodder for a good discussion on the future of mobile and business.

The article goes on to say that mobile has the power to reshape entire industries and changes will be swift. It’s not enough to port elements of an existing business model over to mobile.

Staying competitive requires re-envisioning traditional business models through a mobile-first lens.

Alex Johnson’s post does a nice job of explaining the notion of sustaining or disruptive innovation. The link is below and it’s worth reading.

Sustaining innovations are typically innovations in technology, think iPad 2, 3 and now 4, they are usually incremental and improve existing products and processes.

Disruptive innovations are innovations in marketing that disrupt existing markets by radically shifting consumer demand. iTunes reshaped the way we buy and consume music for example.

According to Walgreens the consumer mindset is choice, convenience and control.

There are close to a billion smart devices on the planet and if the US trend is an accurate reflection the growth rate of smart devices is still healthy.

With this background let’s talk about the future of mobile. I am grateful to Autom Tagsa for his input and influence, our exchanges are thought provoking helpful and entertaining. Thanks @autom8.

Q1 What are some ways disruptive mobile innovation could reshape business models?

Q2 How could these innovations displace a platform like Facebook?

Q3 Is the mobile experience more conducive to a particular business model? B2C vs B2B?

Q4 What are the barriers to integrating mobile strategies into existing business models?

Q5 What consumer behaviors are being reshaped by mobile?

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