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Diablo Ballet - Robert and Hiromi

Diablo Ballet – Robert and Hiromi

The performing arts are about change and evolution.  But why is there such a resistance to letting social media in?  Diablo Ballet, a professional dance company in the San Francisco Bay Area, has found that social media is not only a way to gain recognition, but also a way to make dance accessible.
The classical arts (dance, ballet, opera, symphony, choral) have always had barriers up – performances in lavish, marble columned opera houses, where patrons drink champagne and sit in velvet seats.  It’s no wonder why a large portion of the potential audience feel that this is not for them.

Diablo ballet entered the social media world in 2010 and started to shake things up.

As Dan Meagher, Diablo Ballet’s Director of Marketing, says .. “It’s time we took the “classical” out of the “classical arts” and made it accessible to everyone.

We’re excited to have Dan join our WEDS JAN 16 #SMCHAT for our Marketing Series, where we will attack the following questions:

  • Q1 – What social media channels has Diablo Ballet used to make non-dance lovers fans & followers?
  • Q2 – Why it is important that we make the performing arts accessible to all?
  • Q3 – Has Diablo Ballet seen any financial results due to social media?
  • Q4 – How does Diablo Ballet marketing handle resistance to social media from upper management?
  • Q5 – Why is there such a resistance in the classical arts to using social media?

Sharon has a conflict, so I’ll be stepping in as co-Moderator with Dan, as we explore ways that Social is continuing to make inroads in new spaces.

Please join us as #SMCHAT takes a new and exciting look into the Arts.

More on Diablo?  Here is a recent interview Dan did with Americans for the Arts about social media. And #Hashtag TheArts (#htarts #thearts) just did a feature on one of Diablo’s dancer-oriented Twitter chats.  Diablo Ballet’s Twitter handle is @DiabloBallet

See you online .. !

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