The Social Change Agenda: What is Possible?

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Social Change (c) 2008 Chris Jones. Exploring the forces and factors that can help us make the world a better place.

Social Change (c) 2008 C.Jones. How people are helping people make the world a better place.

#SMCHAT is a Twitter Community that explores social media “one level down” … asking questions that spider out from the core inquiry:  ‘what is possible with social media?’  Whether we’re talking about Marketing practice, nuances of Customer Service, or recent advances in Mobility, we’ll challenge our understanding of what social media can help us achieve.

No surprise, then, this New 2013 Series is intended to drive some new thinking on Social Change and the Social Entrepreneur.  Because social media has the potential to touch so many people, the potential to open new doors to “social change” (intentional pursuit of a better world) seems logical, desirable, and, yes .. possible.

But how might it happen? What would we need to do?

As we embark on a newly framed Social Change Series (4th WEDS) for 2013, let’s try to get at the biggest questions:

JAN Debut 1/23 [frame]:

  • Can social media be a strategic tool for social change?
  • Can social media  impact how social change stakeholders engage?
  • Should crowdsourced social change focus on new ideas?

FEB 2/27:

  • What are examples (or “bright spots”) of online social change in action?
  • Are economic models based on future or sustainable returns? (Q 1/23 courtesy Anna aka @EngageBrands)

MAR 3/27 [frame]  and May 5/22 [frame]:

  • Should social entrepreneurs collaborate?
  • How would you recognize a social entrepreneur?

JUN 6/26 [frame]

  • Are you building social capital?

This will be the initial frame for our 2013 Social Change series.  We’ll be delving into each of these when the Social Change topic comes back around, the 4th WEDS of every month.  As we surface initial answers, we’ll gain some ideas for the next level down, and so on.  Think of it as “spiraling” toward deeper understanding.

Please let us know your thoughts here, and of course, in our online chats.

More on Social Entrepreneurs? Here’s a LIVE SERIES I’ve been sharing with Social Entrepreneurs in Charlotte NC, at Queen City Forward .. next edition will be Thursday MAR 14 at 11:30am.

Hope you see value in this series.  Thanks as always for making the #SMCHAT community what it is.

Chris aka @sourcepov