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There is clear evidence from recent market research data  that the mobile experience has never been more present and increasingly in use than in the retail sector.

While this should come as no surprise, it would nonetheless be tempting to quickly assume that the rapid course of mobile proliferation and use in our daily lives may point to mobile-based shopping eventually ‘replacing’ current modes of behaviour.

image source: techbeat.com

Whether or not this will be the case remains to be seen. And I often caution others to be careful with how they choose to employ the term ‘replace’ within the context of technological change.

From print to radio to TV to the personal computer, it does however seem quite logical that the next evolutionary phase of information consumption, and the social interactivity associated with it, be a natural movement to a microcosmic model chalk full of instantaneous fulfillment and unparalleled convenience.

But before we attempt to wantonly channel the Jetsons and “make it so”, I propose we first examine the various elements that come into play.

Certain U.S. consumer stats (as raised in the eMarketer post noted above) point to intriguing trends that may provide clues as to how this will all take shape  in the very near future.

So lets advance our exploration with the following thoughts:

Q1 Do you agree that mobile purchasing “will be fueled in greatest measure by the expanding number of tablet users who are more prone to buying”? Why or why not?

Q2 Thinking as a consumer and of your own preferred brands, how are some top performers demonstrating value to you in their mobile efforts?

Q3 As a tech savvy marketer, What pratical use cases do you see for your org (or others) when it comes to indoor mapping apps?

Q4 What other unique mobile-based trends do you notice emerging and pushing for mainstream status (e.g., mobile banking)

As usual, I encourage your feedback or other points/questions you may wish to explore during our next chat: Wed., Feb 6. 2013 1PM EST

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