Should Social Entrepreneurs Collaborate? 4 Reasons Why

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In our new Social Change series at #SMCHAT, we’ve been discussing how to recognize a Social Entrepreneur, a person who is intentional and focused on advancing the social good in a sustainable way.

It’s a noble pursuit, but one that can be extremely difficult to pursue in a vacuum.

So let’s ask a relational question. Why should Social Entrepreneurs Collaborate?

Why should Social Entrepreneurs Collaborate?

Why should Social Entrepreneurs Collaborate? Chris Jones @sourcepov | CC3-AR

Reflect on the chart shown here, as we attack the following four questions at #SMCHAT on WEDS 3/27 at 1pET.

  • Q1. TALENT.  While SE’s bring considerable talent to the development task, where & by whom are their skills first shaped, honed?
  • Q2. IDEAS. Brainstorming is a classic sweet spot for the collaborative process. Can connected SE’s expand the potential for breakthrough? 
  • Q3. ABILITY TO SCALE. A common hurdle for SE’s. How does a stakeholder network change the game? 
  • Q4. RESOURCES. The dollars and influence of any one SE are limited. What is possible when the SE’s network grows?

We will continue to build on these ideas in our Social Change series each 4th WEDS at 1pm.  We hope you will join us.

For a deeper dive? Check out the original Queen City Forward Lunch and Learn “New Thinking for  Social Entrepreneurs” PDF, a Charlotte workshop in which I first developed and shared these ideas.  This material is CC3-AR (Creative Commons 3, attribution requsted.)

See you online – for this #SocialChange conversation – and each 4th WEDS at hashtag #SMCHAT.