Customer Service and Social Media – Amplification Is a Given

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Customer Service experiences have always been shared, but not historically at the speed they are shared via social media.  We’ve seen it happen time and again.  Generally the ones that get the most press are negative for the companies that are featured…to be honest, I am not sure how it continues to happen, but it does.

I was captured by an article’s headline today, “Increase in Customer Service Experiences Shared via Social Media Sites.”  The headline wasn’t as interesting as this statistic: “nearly 40% of consumers continue to avoid products and services two or more years after a bad customer service experience.”  Two years you could lose a customer due to a bad customer service experience and to top it off, people are 1.5 times more likely to share a bad experience via social networks.

Still many companies undervalue and overwork their customer service groups.  They also overlook the value in integrating social media monitoring and training.  People seem to be less forgiving when someone makes a misstep/mistake via social media, it seems that smart companies are emphasizing integration and training to avoid some costly blunders.  Blunders that can lead not only to the two year loss of a customer and potentially a few of their friends, but add the amplification that social media offers and it can be catastrophic.

This week for #SMChat at 1pm ET, April 10th, we will discuss how companies look at the social media channels they use and what valuable metrics/plans can be gained.  Our questions are as follows:

Q1. How do you monitor your company’s customer service offered via social media channels?

Q2. Is there a plan to escalate specific customer service issues? What are the criteria for escalation?

Q3. What metrics are monitored via social media?

Q4. What is the biggest obstacle to providing customer service via social media channels?

Q5. What is the top benefit, to your organization, from providing customer service via social media channels?

I hope that you are able to join us at 1pm ET, Wednesday April 10th…it’s sure to be a lively discussion! 

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