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SMCHAT is 4 (it's a celebration)

SMCHAT is 4 (it’s a celebration)

People have birthdays.  Weddings have anniversaries.  What do you communities have?  I suppose they have founders days, heritage days, and festivals of all varieties.

So how do you commemorate community that’s built on friendship?

I guess that’s the challenge with a place like #SMCHAT.  Seems we always come back to learn new things, but deep down, we’re really coming back because we value the people .. the way we feel when we’re among friends.  That sense that we know we’ll get a lift .. a laugh .. and something to take away with us.  Sometimes, it might be nothing more than a smile.

In a way, it’s like coming home.

Or maybe it’s more like Cheers .. where everyone knows your name .. or at least, your Twitter ID.

When a few of us started using the #SMCHAT hashtag in April 2009, we were exploring what was possible in social media.  Why would people want to tweet or blog?  What was the difference between broadcasting and engagement?  What would the social ROI turn out to be?  These were the question in 2009.  Now, all this time later, we’re still asking questions.  But I’d have to say they’ve taken on a new character.

  • Q1. Looking back, what’s surprised you most about socialmedia’s impact?
  • Q2. What lessons does the corporate world still need to learn to tap the value of social?
  • Q3. Socialmedia for social good seems intuitive, powerful. What must happen to advance opportunities in this space?
  • Q4. What would you change to make socialmedia more accessible and intuitive?

I hope you’ll join us for our 4th ANNIVERSARY GALA event this WEDS, 4/24 at 1pET.

Several of our charter members have said their coming back for a bit of a reunion, which is a GREAT cause for celebration in its own right. Let me take this moment to extend my deep gratitude to them, and to you, for being a part of all this.  It’s been a great 4 years, and I hope there are many more ahead.  A warm thank you, from all of us at #SMCHAT.  We couldn’t be here without you.

If you stop in, leave a comment.  As always, we’d love to hear from you ..

Chris @sourcepov