A New Integrated Mobility Ecosystem?

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Kitchen SeriesA hat tip to my fellow contributors Alasdair @ajmunn and Autom @autom8 for the inspiration link this month. AT&T is about to launch a new home security product you can read about it here.

We have talked a great deal about the rapid global penetration of smart devices, it currently exceeds 1.5 billion by some estimates. We have also talked about mobility vs mobile. Mobility is focused on customer behavior beyond devices, it has more to do with utility not merely how one uses a phone or a tablet.

This announcement from AT&T raises some interesting questions about the future. The proliferation of mobile technology opens the door for whole new ecosystems to evolve offering tailored and personal services we may have seen in futuristic science fiction.

Imagine an integrated suite of products and services that will allow you to:

  • Lock/unlock doors
  • Monitor home environment
  • Track inventory in the refrigerator/pantry then reorder when low
  • Manage home entertainment systems

Most of these services already exist is some form or another, as far as I know no single service owns a customer base that offers this entire suite. But what if Google or Amazon were to create this kind of ecosystem, it isn’t that hard to imagine.

Let’s have some fun and talk about the possibilites.

Here are the questions for the chat.

Q1 I listed a few integrated suite products/services what are some others?

Q2 What are the benefits to a new integrated mobility ecosystem?

Q3 How about the data and privacy risks?

Q4 What are the marketing implications?

Q5 Do you see this kind of ecosystem evolving from an existing company?

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