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I’ve been blogging and discussing the #bigdata meme for quite a while now and have even asked some Twitter follows what big data meant to them.

At first, I thought big data was simply a term to refer to the steady aggregation of ALL the data and data sets that ever existed. Well, I suppose that’s partially correct.

In fact, I wasn’t really keen on the topic as I mused more about how big data’s rise would affect the development of the semantic web.


And then I started having impromptu, at times lengthy tweets with Yosem (@Liberationtech) on the subject , and my focus shifted.

Our discussions kept me in check and afforded me to consider a range of interrelated subjects in sociology, psychology, statistics etc when assessing how I and others perceive big data—in fact, data, in and of itself.

Don’t worry, I won’t go off on a tangent and start deconstructing the meme (as much as I’d really love to). Instead, this May 29th (what did Chris (@sourcePOV) call it, Off cycle Weds? :) I’ll turn the mic over to you.

Now I know y’all have had some exposure to #bigdata. As professionals in your respective fields, I’d like you to put on your #bigdata tinfoil hats and throw in a few cents on the following:

Q1 Does #bigdata play a role in anything you are working on at the moment (ie., project, assignment, research, campaign etc.). If so, are you optimistic of the desired results (why/why not). If not, are you keen to be involved and why.

Q2 Marketers: how would you ‘market’ #bigdata? In fact, should marketers even care? (I asked this before and a few diehards in the Twittersphere started chirping ye olde “of course! absolutely! what a dumb question! ..) Really?? Thoughts?

Q3 Name your top 3 concerns about #bigdata and why you think the #1 concern is very important, who’s affected most and why that matters.

Q4 #Bigdata is somewhat of a self-evident meme. So here’s a fun question to cap off the hour: describe to me what #smalldata would (or should) be about.

About Off Cycle Wednesdays
After soliciting #smchat participants on what we may consider discussing on the off chance there is a 5th Wednesday in a month, Chris (@sourcePOV) agreed to my suggestion that we devote this spot to discussing emerging trends in technology: trends that not only are morphing from memes into everyday language but also, and more importantly, affecting how we live, work and play.

Future topic suggestions most welcome!

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