Designing the Mobile Experience ~ Essentials

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Image courtesy of watcharakun at

Image courtesy of watcharakun at

What’s the first thing you think of when you see “design” in a headline?

Usually creative, as in look and feel, is first. For those who are more technical, design may have a broader meaning.

For the purpose of this chat let’s expand design to encompass an entire ecosystem, in this case the mobile experience.

Rather than lecturing on designing the mobile experience I would like to frame our discussion around a few important topics.

First, the mobile experience requires a different mindset. It may be a challenge breaking free of desktop thinking. We’ll talk about the mobile design mindset.

Utility is part of the new mindset. The mobile experience must deliver utility to be relevant. Let’s talk about utility and see if we can come to some consensus on a working definition.

Under the umbrella of utility there are multiple categories like:

  • Content
  • Navigation
  • Speed
  • Simplicity

Then there is access with options like creating an app or a mobile website.

So let’s discuss these topics and see where we agree and disagree. What are the essentials?

Q1 How would you define mobile utility? Why is it important?

Q2 What is the role of content in the mobile experience?

Q3 What are the “must haves” in a mobile experience?

Q4 What criteria would you use to decide on app vs mobile web?

Q5 How can you optimize the mobile experience?

Q6 How would you measure the success of a mobile experience?


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