Customer Service Agents: Can they be Effective as Brand Ambassadors?

Posted on June 11, 2013 by


First, we are pleased to announce that #usguyschat and #smchat will be joining forces in our WEDS 1pET timeslot.  Ken Rosen helped to frame this topic, and provided the thought-provoking questions below.  We will continue to explore social media and business topics with our combined communities, each Wednesday at 1pm ET on #SMChat.  Watch the agenda in our sidebar for topic updates.

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Customer Service Agents are often overlooked as brand ambassadors, even though they are the first point of contact and a frequent source of product information provided to customers.  There is an out-dated customer service model that persists in many organizations, where customer service agents are only provided with limited information and little brand exposure.

What is possible if organizations embrace a model where Customer Service is expected and empowered to reinforce the company brand at each touch?  What can we do within our organizations to ensure that this happens?

Q1. What techniques help CS agents understand the brand so it becomes second nature?

Q2. How can CS agents be helped to see the link between company brand and their own actions/interactions with customers?

Q3. How can CS agents be encouraged to express the brand promise in their daily actions?

Q4. How can we monitor whether CS agents are regularly delivering on the brand promise?

Q5. What sort of interventions are best for realigning CS agents with the brand promise?

We look forward to exploring the answers together at #SMChat, Wednesday June 12th at 1pm ET.  We hope to see you there!

Amber and Ken