Killer Customer Service – You can kill it or it can kill you

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Time Business posted an article yesterday that was the perfect set-up for the monthly Customer Service feature of SMChat, which is July 10th at 1pm ET.  The article is short and to the point, you can read it here.  The focus is 4 Keys to Killer Customer Service:

Quality Product or Service

Stellar Service

Time is Not on Your Side

Be Prepared for Things to Go Wrong

Customer service can make or break an organization…sometimes the impacts of poor/stellar service can be seen immediately and other times the ramifications appear as a trend over time.  Our SMChat will focus on how we can make sure that we are killing it in customer service instead of getting killed by it.

Our discussion will assume that you have a quality product or service and we will focus on Stellar Service, Time and Preparation.

Q1. How do you create a service centric organization?

Q2. How can organizations encourage exceptional customer service?

Q3. What is the best way to streamline processes to resolve issues quickly?

Q4. What plans are necessary to mitigate a customer service disaster?

Q5. What preparations do you make in advance of a customer service issue?

Join us as we discuss the questions above on SMChat, Wednesday, July 10th at 1pm ET.




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