How Do You Put The Service in Customer Service?

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How do you put the service in customer service?

It’s so simple.  By remembering people first…I love when I read stories that are exactly about that…people helping people.  Just like the true story of “A Slice of Absolute Customer Service Perfection.

The employees at Wolfgang Puck Express went above and beyond to fill a need for someone in need.  There was no script telling them to do/not to do that, which is the best part about it.  They were empowered, they made a difference and hopefully they will inspire others to do the same…and other organizations to set their people up for success by empowering them to act.

Customer Service is not about being put on hold or being read a script, although those may be the first things that people think of when they hear the words “customer service.”  What I hope that they come to think of is, “I have an issue, but I am buying products and services from companies that I can count on to solve my issues in a timely, professional and caring manner.”

Today’s #SMChat will be focused on going above and beyond to provide service, creating an environment where that is the rule rather than the exception.  Please join us at 1pm ET today, August 14th as we discuss the questions below:

Q1. How does your organization set the bar for customer service? Are there key metrics that indicate how you are performing?

Q2. How does your organization adapt to the information provided by key metrics?

Q3. Are employees empowered to think and act outside of the box? How?

Q4. What are the benefits to an organization when service comes first?

Q5. When employees go above and beyond to offer great service, how is that celebrated?

Bonus question, time to give credit where credit is due, share an experience you’ve had:

Q6. Have YOU had stellar customer service recently? From where – be specific.  

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