Social Media: It’s All About Making Friends

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Being Social=Making Friends

Being Social=Making Friends

This is a tough week for me – both of my “babies” are headed off to college and I’m trying to prepare myself to be an Empty Nester. The kids have spent the better part of the past week getting together with friends that they have had since elementary school (see pic at right) who they won’t be seeing while they’re at college.

This is a great reminder about how friendships and relationships take time to build. Social media is all about developing these relationships both online and off. Five years ago, I didn’t know @sourcePOV except for the occasional Tweets that I read, but now after moderating the Marketing topics every third Wednesday for several years, Chris (@source POV) and I have talked on the phone several times, and one of these days we’re actually going to meet in person!

So let’s talk about social media friendships and how NOT to ruin them before they even begin:

1) Who is the first person you remember interacting with in social media?

2) Do you still interact with the same group of people today as you did when you first came online?

3) Do you talk to different people on different social media platforms (Twitter, G+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram)?

4) What social media platform do you think you are most likely to still be using in 3 years and why?

5) Influencers, Newbies, Stakeholders, etc. – how do you choose who to have a social media relationship with and why?

Whether we’ve been friends for years or haven’t yet met, please join me on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 1P ET on the Twitter chat hashtag #SMchat to discuss social media relationships! Can’t make it on Wednesday? Please leave me a note below, just to say hello!

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