Valuable Shift: Retain Customers and Add to the Bottom Line

Posted on September 11, 2013 by


Customer service is critical to the bottom line…and it becomes more evident every day that a lack of customer service can be costly.  Rachel Honig’s post, on the Shankman|Honig blog, “A Customer Saved Is a Penny Earned” includes a great infographic. (Part of which you see below.  You can see the full version on her original post or on Social Fresh.)

Are you shocked to read that 80% of companies think that they deliver superior customer service, but only 8% of customers of those same companies report receiving excellent service?  I’m not shocked that there is a disparity, but I am surprised that the gap is so large.
Customer Service Infographic via Shankman|Honig blog

The topic of customer service is the focus of #SMChat  at 1PM ET on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

For the September 11th chat we will address the questions below.

1. What can companies do to identify the perception vs. reality gap that exists for their organization?

2. What can be done to minimize the gap and increase customer satisfaction?

3. How can the the data be compiled in a way that speaks to the heads of business units?

4. What shifts in thinking need to occur to encourage a realization of the role that customer service plays?

5. How is information sharing critical to these shifts in thinking?

Join our great group as we discuss the questions above on our tweetchat, Wednesday, September 11th at 1PM ET.  You can join via twitter or your preferred twitter platform. and Twubs are easy to use to participate.