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There were two suggested topics for the September 18, 2013 SMChat topic – Google’s SEO impacts on press releases and Marketing vs. Advertising. SMchat founder, Chris Jones had a hand in suggesting both, so special thanks Chris for making my “job” as SMChat Marketing topic moderator easier this month!

The SEO and PR suggestion came from a Twitter conversation that Chris Jones had with Kriselle Laran and Jennifer Donovan. They were talking about the recent Google changes of how press releases and Social Media impact SEO rankings.

SEO and Press Releases

SEO and Press Releases

Since #SMChat occasionally partners with #solopr to discuss ideas that are important to both audiences, I reached out to #solopr founder, Kellye Crane to see if this topic would be of interest. Kellye let me know that Google’s changes were a hot topic among the public relations crowd, since Google’s Webmaster Tools entry specifically mentioned press releases, but they had already covered the SEO topic quite heavily and would partner with SMChat for another topic. “Click here” to see the post that SoloPRPro ran on SEO and PR to give some additional insight.

The other topic suggestion was Marketing without broadcasting as discussed between Chris and Merlin U Ward.

Marketing without Broadcasting

Marketing without Broadcasting

Since I spent 20 years working at a Direct Response advertising agency, when I think of Marketing my first thought is advertising, but I understand what Chris and Merlin are asking. Marketing is not only advertising or broadcasting, but branding, communications, engagement and more. Paid media is often referred to as “broadcasting” no matter what size the audience is and the combination of paid, earned and owned media seem to be today’s best marketing mix. Social media is a prime example of how broadcasting is not always good marketing – if you don’t engage on social media you’ll soon find your followers not following anymore.

SMChat is all about listening, learning and engaging, so we heard your topic suggestions and have come up with these related questions for this week’s #SMChat Twitter chat:

  1. Is Google mixing messages by stating optimized links are bad in press releases?
  2. Do you use links that don’t pass PageRank in your press releases? Why or why not?
  3. What’s the most effective part of your marketing?
  4. Can you market without broadcasting? Who’s doing it right?
  5. Are there any channels where you can broadcast and get a good marketing response? Which ones?

Please join us for the #SMChat Twitter chat on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 1PM ET. Can’t wait until the chat to ask your question or can’t make it? Please leave questions or comments below.

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