How Social Is Your Corporate Voice?

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Social Media Dinner Party

How Social Is Your Conversation?

This week’s chat (October 16, 2013) will be hosted by Ken Rosen who recently wrote a great post on corporate/organizational voice that caught my eye in the Twitter stream. Whether your voice is “Smart Dinner Party,” “Aloha” or some other voice for your company or organization, you’ll find this week’s topic interesting!

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to join you (pesky day job, lol), so I asked Ken to provide a few questions relating to his post. He came up with some real conversation starters below!

Q1 To get started, what does a consistent org or corporate voice mean to you?

Q2 Does a consistent organizational voice actually matter?

Q3 Is there a downside to org voice? Is a target voice “inauthentic?”

Q4 What should you consider when picking a corporate voice?

Q5 Do YOU have an explicit organizational voice for your org? If so, what?

Q6 How can you get others to adopt the organizational voice?

Q7 (if time available) In what sort of media should the voice be used? (web, video, print…)

Remember to read Ken’s post on post on corporate/organizational voice and please join the #SMChat crew on Wednesday, 10/16/13, at 1P ET and be part of the conversation! Can’t make it or have questions for Ken already? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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