Crossover: The Power of Diverse Social Connections

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Do we understand the value and strength of our crossover connections?

Do we understand the value and strength of our crossover connections?

Last week on a related CDNA post, we introduced the basket weave metaphor, tapping the visual power it brings to the discussion of crossover.  We discussed how diverse strands (approaching from alternate directions) will create a stronger, more flexible solution.  In short, we gain critical reinforcement when we come at a problem from different directions.

So what are the implications for social change?

As we often ask (too often, rhetorically!) .. what do your leaders need to be doing in this important space?  How might we put the metaphor of a crossover weave into action?

At #smchat on WEDS 10/23 at 1p ET, let’s discuss the following questions on ‘crossover’ in the context of social change:

  • Q1. How might #socialchange communities grow stronger and more resilient when a ‘crossover’ or ‘weave’ model is used for engagement?
  • Q2. In contrast, how can ‘bird of a feather’ sameness hurt a #socialchange community seeking to expand influence via growth?
  • Q3. What approaches might a #socialchange community leader employ to seek out more diverse structures?
  • Q4. How does social weaving work in practice?
  • Q5. Is there a role for balance in managing diversity and sameness for #socialchange !?

This week’s chat will be moderated by #smchat co-founder Kelli Schmith, who shares our expanding interest in this space.  We’re seeking how navigate and drive additional value for social media in social change scenarios.  I’m sure it will be a great conversation .. and I hope to drop in for a bit if I can ..

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Thanks for leading the conversation, Kelli .. much appreciated.

As always, we’d love to know your thoughts.

Chris aka @sourcepov

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